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Times and Seasons

Seasons come and go. They have a beginning and an end. There is an allocated time for each part of our life, spiritual seasons that we go through. Knowing your season allows you to work more effectively. Learning to coordinate your activities suited to the season you are in helps you to become more productive.

The Winter season can be a testing time. It is a period of slow growth and a time for pruning. Your time and energy needs to be channelled. It is a time of resting and contemplation. It is a dark season and has the shortest amount of light. This time of year feels cold and lifeless to us. Everything loses its vitality. It can be an uncomfortable time. Everything seems to stop growing but there is still growth beneath the dirt. Like trees we can dig deeper within ourselves at this time. After a year’s worth of producing we need to be nourished and built up like soil receives nourishment and restoration. Winter is the time for gathering fuel in preparation for Spring. This time of year will give you strength to be able to produce. Soon the winds are going to change and you will see the buds of Spring.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and growth. It is production time. There’s hope and expectation and new opportunities. All you have to do is stand and wait for your flower to come into full bloom. It is a time for sowing and planting, and for new growth to emerge, blossoming time. Metaphorically the branches of the tree get tender and green shoots appear. All the life is coming back into the branches.

Summer is the time for spiritual development and fruit bearing. In Summer come breakthroughs and prosperity. This season is warm and gives you time to reflect on what you have been given, enjoy the blessings and be thankful. You may be given new insights. Be aware of the suckers that grow as shoots that don’t bear fruit as they can suck some of the vital resources that the Spring season spent producing. These shoots need to be cut off. Summer is also a time for watering and weeding and a time to live purposefully and relax in the contentment of being full of much fruit.
All the seasons have a clear meaning and Autumn is no exception. It is the time of harvest. The greatest harvest of fruit comes when the tree is heading for a season of rest. It brings peaceful times and might be a time of downsizing, when we can become quite, rest and enjoy the simplicity of living.

By recognizing the season we are in we are better equipped to respond appropriately to the circumstances that we come across. To be sensitive to the season we are in is so important. There are times of reflection, times of vision, times of healing and times of refreshing. All of these seasons play a role through our journey of life.

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