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Pam Finlay - Artist

I’m Pam Finlay and I create artworks that have a concurrent theme of peacefulness and joy. One thing that remains the same is my love of the use of colour to express these jubilant artworks

I enjoy the free flowing movement of the paint and the patterns that emerge in the process and embrace the freedom of watching things unfurl in an exciting path of discovery. 

Pictures often emerge along the way that capture the vision and explain an amazing story.

As an artist I believe that everyone is able to fulfill their creative dreams. My aim as a tutor is to help people discover their creative talents and provide a joyful experience…………..

Be prepared for your creative self to shine and create special memories artistically

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Enjoy viewing my artwork in the Galleries.

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All material on this website, including photographs of artwork, is subject to copyright and moral rights. Please do not copy the digital images or the artworks themselves. Thank you. Pam Finlay.

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Trinity is done. She is smiling like she does when she sits at my feet. Love herđź’– ...

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More progress ...

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Watercolour is my favourite medium and when it’s best to stay home I have a good reason to enjoy painting. Trinity is getting painted today ...

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This scripture from the Aramaic version of the bible is blessing me today. God is the hope we are asking for right now ...

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Before I started this painting I saw an eye on the background and immediately thought it was an elephant’s eye. Then when I started painting the Lord had me concentrate on the ear of the elephant. Then when I finished the painting I was told “you need to have your nose to the ground”. It dawned on me God was speaking to me about our five physical senses being related to our spiritual senses, being able to discern and perceive things spiritually.
We touch others spiritually with our heart and a hug from someone can do so much for you. We can smell good from evil just like the elephant can. Our spiritual eyes can discern the light from the darkness, truth from error. We can eat and drink from the Lords table, taking in food for our spiritual man. The eyes are for seeing and understanding things of the spirit. They guide us as God illuminates our path. Sometimes emotions such as fear and anxiety can cause us to be spiritually blind to the things of God. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing the word of God, having a desire to hear things of the spirit. Taste and see that the Lord is good. The Holy Ghost is right there waiting for you to swallow the things of Him, this is what will sustain and nourish you.
A few very interesting facts that I have found about Elephants:
They have exceptionally good hearing detecting sounds as low as 14 hz and as high as 12000 hz. They use infrasonic sounds well below the human hearing range to communicate long distances between 4 and 10 kms. They sing, just like us humans produce speech.
Now I know why I received the phrase “having your nose to the ground” as they can also communicate sound through their feet and their trunk is like a trumpet. Their sound contains frequencies of over 10 octaves. They can produce both gentle and very powerful sounds.
Another interesting fact is that elephants can actually see better in the shade. Their eyesight is compensated by their acute hearing, sense of smell and tactile sense. Their vision actually changes with the time of day which I find very interesting.
Much to know about elephants there is, and that is the reason God gave this beautiful creature to

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