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"Glory - The Full Manifestation" Art Exhibition


Pam Finlay
“Glory – The Full Manifestation”

A garden is a celebration of nature’s beauty. Through my artworks I aim to revisit the garden and its flowers captured from a microscopic perspective. By portraying fragments of the flower I aim to choose a glimpse of the complete picture and consequently encourage the viewer to contemplate. Through these works I am also interpreting the majesty of a flower and its unfading beauty, the resilience and tenacity of a flower, how it forms and metamorphoses. Flowers exude energy and vitality and their colours and graceful form are intriguing. The flower is the glory of a plant, the full manifestation.

As the song “Who Am I” by Casting Crowns conveys: “A flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow”. We are reminded we are like a flower, here today and gone tomorrow and consequently need to appreciate and have an acute awareness of the beauty of these gifts of nature. What I wish to convey to the viewer in my works is a sense of wonder in the power, beauty and mystery of our natural environment.

Nature is my major inspiration and motivation and I try to weave my admiration and hopes for nature into my work and onto the viewer. The beauty of nature and its glory has the ability to enhance and uplift us.

"Glory - The Full Manifestation" Art Exhibition

My exhibition titled "Glory - The Full Manifestation" of my art works featured paintings and mosaics at the Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens, Lagoon Gallery from the 3 April to 28 April 2013. The Exhibition was an inspirational success with many people coming to the gallery and cafe viewing the paintings.

To view exhibition images visit my gallery page or click on the link below
"Glory - The Full Manifestation" Art Exhibition

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