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Community Projects Benefits


Community Workshop Benefits

The workshops which I conduct benefit the broader community. The artworks that will be produced in the workshop will help to increase a public awareness, have strong cultural impacts, generate tourism promotion and help to raise the profile of the area and lifestyle. These qualities are exemplative of the community projects that I am interested in being actively involved in. I enjoy being involved in the development of the community arts sector by being able to facilitate the above to fruition and create a public artwork with a high standard of professionalism that will be recognised as a showpiece for the community.

Benefits of a Residency with the Community

The significance of a community project is that it will draw attention to the uniqueness of the area or lifestyle and will help influence the local community in the artistic sector.

A community mosaic project can furnish an opportunity for the public, including community groups to unite in participating to create an artwork to beautify and promote the area in which it is placed. The aim is to produce for example a mosaic artwork that will culminate into a whole body of work which will support participants artistic self development and generate pleasure in being involved in a creative activity. This skill development initiative will benefit a diverse range of community groups and individuals. Community members could play an important role in selecting the final theme to showcase.

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